From a place of radiant love, life flows easily, joyously, vibrantly!

Personal 1:1 Sessions

kris zimmermann
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By offering pure radiant love and support and using the frequencies of divine love, I guide you to remember and experience your divine essence, your pure loving self.

During a session, we focus on the pure love and support of the Universe/the Divine saturating your body. Experiencing your divine essence and physical body fully merging together. You will fully embrace your wholeness, your radiance, your pure loving self. These are very powerful sessions and a lot can be accomplished in a short amount of time to help you live a full vibrant, healthy and harmonious life! For you to be the radiant love and light that you are!

Flow of a session

We begin by discussing what you’ve been experiencing and what you would like to focus on during the session.

Next, I’ll guide you in feeling the love and support of the Universe/the Divine. Reminding you how loved you are, how loving you are, and how powerful you are in the consciousness of pure love. As you embrace and embody pure love and your wholeness, you move into the full alignment and harmony of your divine essence, completely merging with the physical body. You open to your radiance, seeing whatever isn’t supporting you (thoughts, emotions, habits, beliefs, anxiety, physical distractions, etc.) easily dissolving, being free to experience all of you! To experience optimum health and well being, to be whole, to fully enjoy your self, your life, your pure loving essence!

The session ends with you spending the last 10 minutes, immersed in the loving supportive frequencies, giving yourself the time to gracefully embrace and integrate what you’ve just experienced. I suggest that you set aside an additional 15-20 minutes to continue integrating after the session.

60 minute phone/Skype session   $120
30 minute phone/Skype session   $60  

Enjoy working weekly with Kris for 4 consecutive weeks.

 4-60 minute phone/Skype sessions      $400

This group of sessions is designed to offer you more support and love when you are wanting more focus than a single session.  We work and play for 60 minutes each week to assist you in fully embracing your loving essence.  Each session will be followed up with a short audio recording of a guided meditation with Kris to help you remember and integrate what you explored during the session.  You will receive a new audio meditation each week via email.

4-30 minute phone/Skype sessions     $200

Same as above with shorter sessions of 30 minutes each week.

Please contact our office to schedule one of these weekly packages.

sessions for animals, spaces, and your environment.

Sessions via phone/Skype can also be done with animals, your environment and the land or your special place.

In-Person Sessions or Specialized Sessions

Please contact our office for more information and how we can assist you.