By being pure love in our relationships and offering love and support to each other, we can become more aware of who we really are, letting our talents and light shine.

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Relationship Sessions

For Couples, Families, Siblings, Co-workers, Friends, or any other Relationship

While focusing on the frequencies of pure love and the loving divine energies moving through you and your partner, you will become more aware of how coming together to lovingly support each other will assist you in letting go of “unnecessary energies” from each of you and your relationship. Opening you to sharing your love in a pure way, feeling aligned within yourself and each other, and being open to your relationship evolving into the powerful, loving and supportive experience that it is meant to be!

I can assist you with the following:

// Balancing and Aligning your own energy
// Opening to and feeling support from the other person
// The ability to offer unconditional support and love to the other  person
// Help you both experience the letting go of blocked, stuck or held energies       (emotional, mental, physical, sexual and spiritual)
// Feeling a strong energetic connection to the other person
// Helping to Balance and Align the other person’s energy
// Balancing and Aligning your energies together
// Being the Radiant Love and Light that you are; Individually and together

60 minute phone/Skype session    $120
30 minute phone/Skype session    $60  

Enjoy working weekly with Kris for 4 consecutive weeks.

 4-60 minute phone/Skype sessions      $400

This package is designed to offer you and your partner loving support when you are wanting more focus than a single session.  We work and play for 60 minutes each week to assist you in fully embracing the pure loving essence of your relationship.  Each session will be followed up with a short audio recording of a guided meditation with Kris to help you remember and integrate what you explored during your session.  You will receive a new audio meditation each week via email.

4-30 minute phone/Skype sessions       $200

Same as above with shorter sessions of 30 minutes each week.  

Please contact our office to schedule one of these weekly packages.