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kris zimmermann

BOZEMAN, MT  59771

+01 406 587 6351

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Along with the consulting listed above, I also love to help others learn. By offering various classes, workshops, and seminars, I share what I have learned and encourage others to explore and develop their own abilities and talents.

I offer Spring Forest Qigong Level 1 & 2 seminars, SFQ monthly practice sessions, and Couples/Relationship workshops(Balancing Energy with a Partner).


I am extremely grateful to the many friends, family members, and teachers that have shared their knowledge and talents. And given me the encouragement, support, love and light necessary to get to this place in my life where I have the opportunity to share with you. Through seriously practicing Spring Forest Qigong, my abilities and talents to help others experience vibrant health and find balance in their lives have developed and strengthened. This  practice has been incredibly valuable and powerful in discovering what I have to share with the world!  I am so grateful for all that I have learned and very happy to share as much as possible with others.

Also, thanks to the many friends (both human and animal), that have worked with me and given me the opportunity to help them. I have learned so much from all of you and give thanks to the Universe/God for bringing us together.