Become more balanced and aligned within yourself and your environment, allowing your heart to open and share this love with the rest of the world.

Spring Forest Qigong

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Spring Forest Qigong is a very powerful and simple practice to assist you in experiencing more love, balance, alignment, health and vibrancy in you life.

Spring Forest Qigong combines breathing, physical movements, meditation, sound and love to help you feel more balanced, aligned and whole.  SFQ's vision is "A healer in every family, a world without pain."

Spring Forest Qigong expresses Love, Kindness and Compassion.

The SFQ exercises are very powerful and simple. SFQ has enhanced my life and I’m grateful to share what I have learned by practicing and exploring Spring Forest Qigong with you.

I can assist you with learning and experiencing the power of love and wholeness through the movements of SFQ by offering the following:

// Individual Practice Sessions
// Group Practice Sessions
// SFQ Level 1 & 2 workshops
// Customized presentations for your organization, retreat, health spa, or business. 

February-April 2015 Private Spring Forest Qigong classes available in Santa Barbara, CA.

Please contact our office for current SFQ offerings with Kris.

I am a Certified SFQ Level 1 & 2  Instructor, SFQ Master Healer, and have been enjoying the benefits and loving energy of SFQ since 2002.  I love sharing this simple and powerful gift with others, to encourage more peace and harmony in the world and assist individuals in livng harmonious, radiant, vibrant, and loving lives!

Please visit the Spring Forest Qigong website for additional information.