• Be the Radiant Love and Light that you are!!
  • I honor and acknowledge your unique expression of creation, of love, of light!
  • Stay in love, fears dissolve, illusions drop away.
  • The world is beautiful, abundant and radiant.
  • Remember your pure essence, your pure light, your pure love.
  • In union, we empower ourselves to open our hearts.
  • Pure Love – Embrace it, experience it, and express it!
  • As I see love within me, I see you as love.
  • From a place of love, life flows easily, joyously, lovingly!
  • Feel your magnificence and brilliance, celebrate you!
  • As we awaken, we honor each other, seeing the magnificence and radiance of the other.
  • Energy is the expression of the flow of life, the movement of creation.
  • The Heart is the doorway for the expression of the divine.

Kris Zimmermann


P.O. Box 248 Bozeman, MT 59771