Be the radiant love and light that you are!

Personal 1:1 Sessions

Offering you the opportunity to feel fully embraced with radiant love and support. As you relax and open into pure love, you realign and expand; physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

As you feel more loved and supported, you open to your divine essence, your pure loving self. Your life will flow easily while challenges, distractions, fears and uncertainties dissolve away. You will feel more empowered to live a joyous, harmonious, and vibrant life. . You will remember how loved you are, how loving you are and how to live from a place of radiant love. Sessions are also available for animals and “your space” (home, office, etc).


 Relationship 1:1 Sessions

Great for couples, families, friends or any relationship in which you want to enhance with more compassion, kindness and love.

The sessions for relationships are similar to the Personal 1:1 Sessions. We focus on helping each person feel supported and loved individually. Then we explore some simple techniques to share pure love and support with each other.  As you focus on love and feeling supported you will notice conflicts and challenges within the relationship dissolving freeing you to experience more compassion, kindness, tenderness, and radiant love.


Schedule a group session for your retreat or corporate event.

Looking for a specialized program to assist your participants in opening more fully to love and to experience living from a place of love? I will gladly customize a workshop or presentation based on sharing love and support to assist your participants in remembering and embracing their true, divine loving essence!