How Much can you love today?

Let's embrace the love that we are and see how much we can love today!

Really, let's play and see how much we can love today!

Notice when you feel like you are holding back from loving someone, a situation, or even yourself. Maybe you wanted to jump right in and hug someone you just met, because you felt they are a vibrant human being. But you 'held back' and thought they might not like a hug or would 'take it the wrong way.' Okay, lets honor that first instinct to hug, and do it! Follow that instinct to Love, to express an action of kindness, instead of withholding and pushing it aside. Let's honor Love and each other by expressing small acts of kindness, compassion and love. A hug, warm handshake, smile, or radiance of loving energy!

Explore and see how much you can love today!

Ocean Sunrise~Santa Barbara, CA

Ocean Sunrise~Santa Barbara, CA