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Honoring the Energy - Experiencing the Oneness in Yellowstone Park

Wow, what a day! After a scenic drive through Paradise Valley, stopping for the usual touristo photos at the historic Yellowstone Arch, and watching a small heard of Bison grazing, we finally arrived at one of my all-time favorite places - the Boiling River!

Just inside the north entrance to Yellowstone Park, the hot waters emerge from the earth to flow and gently mix with the cold surface waters of the Gardner River, creating a lovely place to soak, relax and receive a gentle massage from Mother Earth! Ahhhh, so delightful! As we pulled into the parking lot, I was excited to see that we were the only ones there. This was a first for me. It was just the three of us, me, one girlfriend from Bozeman, another girlfriend form LA, and this incredible land without many distractions.

Making our way along the trail to the “soaking spot,” we watched various birds, listened to their songs and breathed in the energy! Feeling our hearts and souls nourished and rejuvenated. Shortly, a bald eagle flew along the river and landed in a tall cottonwood tree overlooking the soaking area. We were very grateful to see this magnificent bird so close, feeling and hearing its movement through the air. As we approached the resting raptor, we slowed down and proceeded respectfully, hoping the eagle would stay and watch over us as we soaked, sort of hoping to “soak together.” Noticing the sensation to stop, we paused near the tree, honoring and expressing our gratitude for the beauty of the day, the experience with the birds and the eagle and for being present in this inspiring place. Absorbing the sounds and movement of the water, the animals, the land, the energies. The energy of this area is so powerful and dynamic, yet, gentle, supportive and loving. Along with the scenery and wildlife, the energy of Yellowstone calls me strongly, and at that moment all three of us were feeling such deep respect and honor for being there. In return, we felt the respect and honor expressed to us for taking the time to acknowledge the energies of the area and of ourselves. All the beauty and magic!

As some other folks came along the trail, the eagle flew back down the river, and we headed into the water, grateful for this incredible day unfolding before us and the time we had “being” with the eagle!

Cold, warm, cold, hot, cold, warm, hot, hot, cold, cold.... the waters swirling and mixing together.

Feeling the love and support flowing from Mother Earth! Feeling the love and support coming from Father Sky! The energies blending together, creating a union of strength and support, of oneness. This is what I feel in this place and am grateful to be reminded. This is who we are, as humans; we are here to express our spiritual essence through our physical bodies. Relax, remember, release, recharge!

Our adventure continues, listening, receiving, and being! Into the cave we go! We enter the cozy little cave created by the overhanging rocks where the hot water flows over. It’s a quiet little place to sit, with soft sand and warm water. As the three of us are relaxing, sharing our experiences, and expressing gratitude, we decide to do a little honoring and appreciation ceremony. We give thanks for being there, for the beauty of the day, for our lives, and all that we have experienced. We love and feel the love, support and strength of mother earth. We feel her warmth and solid strength radiating from the core of the planet, embracing and saturating us with love, knowing and the remembrance of who we are. We acknowledge and embrace the spiritual. We speak of the changes on the planet and how we are opening to a more creative expression in what we have to offer the world for peace and wholeness. We sing, chant, laugh and we are quiet.

In the stillness and the energy of the flowing waters, gentle breezes, penetrating sunlight we experience the support and love from the planet flowing from the earth into the waters, as the heavenly love and support merges into the waters and the earth.

This energy flows into the river, into each molecule of water, to join other rivers, lakes, seas and the oceans. The loving supportive energies are carrying the essence of the feminine and masculine energies, fully merged, in the wholeness, in the oneness to all the waters of the planet, to each person, to remember. To know who they are, to fully remember and experience and embrace their true essence and true love.

We saw each person on this planet feeling and receiving this energy through the water they drink, shower, and bathe in: through the rain coming down: through breathing in moisture through the lungs and skin; through soaking in the Boiling River, through the streams, lakes, oceans and the simple, small puddles throughout the planet.

This essence and memory is there, even when there are chemicals and other contaminants in the water. The essence shines through to help each person remember who they truly are, so they can be and experience their true magnificent self! This is what we saw and experienced as we soaked in the waters of the Boiling River and sunlight of Yellowstone.

And so it is!

We were reminded of who we are on this fabulous day of the full moon and the energy of the spring equinox. We encourage you to explore the energies within and around you, to feel, taste, hear, and see the energy of the water, land, sun, & moon, so you too, can remember who you are and what you have to offer.

We honored the energies and experienced the oneness. We felt completely loved and supported in Yellowstone Park!

The Boiling River, Yellowstone National Park. 

The Boiling River, Yellowstone National Park. 

The 3 of us....embracing the day, embracing the love and energy! 

The 3 of us....embracing the day, embracing the love and energy!