Needing that extra help, love and support?

The last few weeks have been presenting many opportunities for growth and expansion in becoming more aware of who your pure divine essence. 

The old structures, and traditional ways of moving trough daily activities and ways of being are crumbling away. We are being saturated with the frequencies of pure divine love and being guided to remember and fully embody our true loving essence. Clients have been sharing the feeling that they are moving into something new, unknown and need some extra help in realigning, re-balancing and embracing a strong connection with the Divine, the Universe, Creator, or God.

If you are finding yourself in a similar situation and seeking assistance to feeling an abundance of love in your life, please schedule a phone/internet session with me. $60/30min -$120/60min.

Please contact our office to check for other availability if there isn't a time on the schedule that fits your needs.

Much love to all of you!

Sparkling Heart~Santa Barbara, CA

Sparkling Heart~Santa Barbara, CA

Enjoy the Light!